The Journal of Education and Educational Development (JoEED) is a bi-annual peer reviewed journal published by the Department of Education, Institute of Business Management. It publishes local, national, and international research papers: empirical researches, action researches, case studies, research briefs, critical reviews, debates, and book reviews focused on interdisciplinary themes of education and educational development. The aim of this journal is to publish original and unpublished contributions that focus on both theoretical and applied research studies in education and related disciplines, offering diversity and a variety to its readers. The journal in each issue through publishing difference articles, case studies, book reviews, and critical reviews intends to present its audience with interdisciplinary themes on education and educational development.

Recently the JoEED has adopted the Journal Management System which can be accessed by Click here to View/Register. Submissions, refereeing, contacts with authors, etc are now through the Journal Management System rather than through mail and emails.